Stonecrest Community Civic Association (SCCA) Board of Directors

Your winners are . . .

Debra Parris (i) (Lives in Georgian Series) – Ms. Parris has played an active role in the community and on the SCCA for a number of years. She was previously PSCCA Treasurer and has participated in all of the major community events.

Brenda Taylor (i) (Lives in Georgian Series) – Has served on the Board for the past two years. Ms. Taylor has been an active planner of the Community Christmas party and the summer events at the community pool.

Darrell Taylor (Lives in Georgian Series) – A ten-year resident of the Stonecrest community. Currently involved in various roles with the community. He served as Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and is currently a block captain (10 years). He also has been the community liaison (4 years) for National Night-out.

Congratulations and welcome to your new terms as board members.