Neighborhood Watch


The Neighborhood Watch Program is designed as a community based effort to maintain a safe and crime free environment for all residents in the area. All Residents of the community become automatic participants and agree to make conscious efforts to observe activities in their immediate area. When or if questionable activities that relate to criminal behavior or unsafe conditions are detected, action should be taken by the observer to call 911.


All residents are considered observers. The observer may alert neighbors to non-criminal behavior (such as the presence of solicitors) by posting information on NEXTDOOR Neighbor or sharing directly with others.


Identify Block Captains, provide informational materials, maintain records, serve as primary contact with Crime Awareness Officer, be cognizant of all community safety issues and related concerns. Hold at least two community based meetings per year and approximately (4) meetings per year with Block Captains and Patrol Members. Identify patrol members to provide drive thrus, coordinate patrol schedules and area, advise patrol members as to what to look for and to take notes as appropriate. Train new Patrol Members and Block Captains.


Completion of Neighborhood Watch Participation Form every two (2) years. Talk about safety with neighbors on block. Give NextDoor information to new and existing neighbors. Make personal visits to neighbors in your assigned area. Provide them with informational materials, distribute community-based information, answer questions, and discuss the purpose and function of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Welcome new members to your area; obtain names, addresses, and telephone numbers of neighbors in your assigned area. Provide necessary information to Coordinators and East Dekalb Police Precinct and Rockdale Police.


Receive Safety and patrol training from a coordinator. Patrol Member should drive through assigned area on a regular basis (Must have signs on vehicle). Drive or walk your patrol area during the time period(s) agreed to with Coordinator. Get to know other patrol members in your area so that schedule substitutions can be made if you cannot be available. Keep notes on unusual sightings. Report any significant incident or issue to Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. HOWEVER IF YOU ENCOUNTER AN IMMINENT CRIMINAL ISSUE-CONTACT 911 DIRECT. Ride area a minimum of three times a week (separate days). Report any light outage to electrical company for repair (poles are marked with numbers). DURING HOLIDAY SEASON THE FREQUENCY OF PATROLS SHOULD BE INCREASED.